EatSafe Surveys for Insights into Markets during COVID-19

To assess market functioning under COVID-19 and strengthen the voice of vendors and consumers in the pandemic response and recovery, From October 2020 to December 2021, EatSafe conducted regular surveys in two traditional food markets in five countries: Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Tanzania. Results are presented across several multimedia and interactive knowledge products:

CountryBulletin SummariesTraditional Market Reports (2021)
BangladeshSep. '20 - Dec. '21Issue 1Issue 2Issue 3Issue 4
EthiopiaNov. '20 - Feb. '21 
KenyaSep. '20 - Nov. '21Issue 1Issue 2Issue 3Issue 4
MozambiqueJul. -
Dec. '21
NigeriaOct. '20 -
Nov. '21
Issue 1Issue 2Issue 3Issue 4
TanzaniaJan. -
Aug. '21
Issue 1 (Jan. 2022)