Partnership Council

The Partnership Council acts as an advisory body to the GAIN Board and Strategic Management Team, providing guidance and recommendations on GAIN’s strategic and investment priorities. The Council is also a platform to support innovation and to mobilise new partnerships aimed at ending malnutrition.

As part of this dual role, the Council provides a forum to review new partnership opportunities and identify successful interventions that originate from GAIN and its partners.

The Partnership Council draws representatives from international organisations that are partners of GAIN. These include non-governmental organisations, academic institutions, donor country governments, national governments, businesses, financial institutions and private foundations, as well as existing and future GAIN’s partnership initiatives.

Sharon Bligh
Maame Ekua Manful
Mathias Mogge
Bettina Prato
Axton Salim
David Tschirley
Frits van der Wal
Leonie Vierck