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Press Release

Report Urges New Partnership to Achieve Global Nutrition Goals

A new report calls for governments and companies to join forces to tackle global malnutrition, saying that achievement of the nutrition-related UN Sustainable Development Goals requires leveraging the resources of firms, financiers and shareholders, to work with civil society stakeholders to support the nutrition priorities of governments.

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Modern Malnutrition?

Steve Godfrey, GAIN’s Director, Policy & External Relations, shares his reflections on the recently launched Global Panel report “Improving diets in an era of food market transformation – challenges and opportunities for engagement between the public and private sector”.

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GAIN Celebrates 15 Years of Fighting Malnutrition Worldwide

Last year, GAIN turned 15 years old since its inception at the UN 2002 Special Session of the General Assembly on Children with the objective of eliminating malnutrition worldwide. To celebrate these 15 years of fighting malnutrition together, GAIN organized a series of events in all of our 15 offices around the world, which took place from November 2017 to January 2018.

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