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We regularly publish opportunities for agencies and companies to provide their goods and services and contribute to various areas of our work, through Requests for Proposals (RFPs). 

GAIN ensures that all procurement activities are carried out in a fair and transparent manner and in compliance with the principles of ethical behaviour and good conduct, by using competitive processes for obtaining goods and services.

In order to be considered for a particular opportunity, you need to fill in the information requested in the RFP form and submit it to the address indicated before the closing date. 

GAIN is seeking the services of an individual or organisation who will conduct an extensive review to identify all commercially available devices that may be used to test for the presence of vitamin A in refined edible vegetable oils which are commonly available in countries with vitamin A fortification programmes including: Palm, soy, cottonseed, sunflower, peanut, rapeseed, coconut and rice bran oils.

This research will be conducted to take account of the situation and activity globally.

Pilot assessment work to be planned as part of a research and development should be focused on being conducted in India as a priority. This will be supported where appropriate by GAIN and their country office, India.

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GAIN is seeking a Service Provider to support the GAIN Better Diets for Children program by finalising and implementing the BDC communications strategy, creating creative content and help GAIN to tell the Better Diets for Children story.

The project will start in July 2020 and will require about 20 days of work.

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GAIN and Food Fortification Initiative (FFI) have designed and are rolling out the fortification management information system (FortifyMIS) in a few countries, including Bangladesh. The FortifyMIS was recently (March 2018) accepted by the Ministry of Industry for implementation in the coming months to facilitate the collection and aggregation and visualization of monitoring data and accelerate availability of information for decision making at different levels. This is being undertaken in partnership with the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI). The FortifyMIS will supplement current government monitoring efforts and is intended to make them more efficient.

The main objective is to assess the relevance, readiness and implementation feasibility of FortifyMIS at each stage of fortification program implementation and management and by different users (producer users – during procurement, production, and dispatch; inspector users – during external, import, or market inspections; and laboratory users).

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In Bangladesh, bulk edible oil is often sold in non-food grade containers which are reused without adequate sanitation and stored in unsanitary conditions. However, there is limited data availability regarding the food safety characteristics and risks associated with bulk edible oil sold in drums.

Therefore, the objective of the study is to quantitatively assess the food safety of different edible oil brands sold in drums and bottles and ascertain value/supply chain factors (handling, storage, environmental) associated with food safety risk. The results will be disseminated widely using many different platforms such as stakeholders’ meetings, scientific fora, and written publications.

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The EatSafe (Evidence and Action Towards Safe, Nutritious Food) programme aims to generate evidence and knowledge of the potential of increased consumer demand for safe food to substantially improve the safety of nutritious foods in informal market settings in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

The five-year programme is funded by USAID and will be undertaken by a consortium led by GAIN and containing the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and Pierce Mill Education and Media. 

As part of this work, GAIN seeks to undertake a scoping review to understand perspectives on food safety among small-scale food vendors in low- and middle-income countries.

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GAIN is working with local businesses to explore the potential  to establish an accredited intermediary  warehouse in Bangladesh to streamline and optimize the vitamin A premix acquisition process, primarily, for small and medium sized oil producers to enhance the availability of quality Vitamin A premix at competitive prices.

The key objective of the assignment is to collect both primary and secondary data that will inform the strategy for the phasing out the consumer market for bulk oil in Bangladesh. 

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GAIN is seeking for an applicant to present a "Cross sector data system for fortification quality" scoping and produce a scoping report which will identify resource requirements for the necessary system design, software and hardware, as well as pros and cons to implementing such a holistic system.

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Since 2014, GAIN Indonesia has implemented several projects such as Maternal and Infant Young Child Nutrition as part of a wider portfolio of projects and studies relating to nutrition.

One of the main activities is a behaviour change intervention through in-person sessions called emotional-demonstration (emo-demo) conducted by health staff or community health volunteer (cadre) in the existing monthly growth monitoring activities at the integrated health post (Posyandu). The Emo-demos have proven successful in increasing key behaviours around correct IYCF practices of children under 5 years old such as exclusive breastfeeding, dietary diversity, healthy snacking and handwashing, among mothers and caregivers of children under 5 years old. 

GAIN Indonesia is looking for an alternative way to address this situation by substituting the in-person session with an online session by developing digital versions of emo-demo games or completely new mobile or digital games to trigger behaviour change. Gamification offers an avenue to continue the emo-demo activities during this social distancing period and to reach mothers and children who do not traditionally visit health posts.

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