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We regularly publish opportunities for agencies and companies to provide their goods and services and contribute to various areas of our work, through Requests for Proposals (RFPs). 

GAIN ensures that all procurement activities are carried out in a fair and transparent manner and in compliance with the principles of ethical behaviour and good conduct, by using competitive processes for obtaining goods and services.

In order to be considered for a particular opportunity, you need to fill in the information requested in the RFP form and submit it to the address indicated before the closing date. 

Bangladesh is the second-largest exporter of apparel in the world and the Ready-Made Garment (RMG) sector significantly contributed to the country’s social and economic development. The RMG sector has created opportunities for employment for an estimated 3.5 million workers, of whom 61% are women. 

In partnership with VF Corporation, GAIN Bangladesh aims to contribute to a healthier and more productive workforce by improving the diet of the garment workers and improve knowledge around nutritious and safe foods for themselves.

To achieve this, this partnership project proposes a comprehensive set of sustainable and scalable interventions for RMG workers. 

The outcome will be achieved through two sets of interrelated and reinforcing outputs as described further below:

Output 1: RMG workers in the VF supported factories have improved access to nutritious and safe foods either through improved lunches or through fair price shops which offer nutritious and safe foods

Output 2: RMG workers in VF supported factories have improved knowledge around nutritious and safe foods for themselves.

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