Food Culture Alliance

Our global food system has shaped societal preferences in favour of consuming unhealthy and unsustainable foods, fuelling poor health and accelerating climate change. We need radical, accelerated transformation in our consumption habits across society to combat this. Food culture impacts the way society thinks and feels about and values certain foods, and it has a profound impact on consumption habits. Yet, food culture remains unexplored and underutilised.

About the Food Culture Alliance

The Food Culture Alliance has been established with a single vision – a world where society’s preference is for nutritious and sustainable foods. Our mission is to champion food culture and leverage the toolbox of strategies it provides to shift preferences and increase society’s demand for nutritious and sustainable foods.

The Food Culture Alliance framework provides further information on the social and cultural strategies the alliance aims to deploy.

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How and where we operate

The Food Culture Alliance secretariat is hosted by GAIN and co-led by EAT and the Global Business School Network. We are establishing Alliances in Kenya, India, and Indonesia.

Our 3-pillar operating model is set to deliver on the Food Culture Alliance’s mission:

  1. We build knowledge: we build and spotlight evidence, knowledge and resources to illuminate the realm of food culture and its boundless possibilities.
  2. We strengthen collaboration: working across sectors and geographies, we identify and convene relevant stakeholders and establish alliances that generate ideas and pinpoint prospects for advancing the food culture missions locally.
  3. We enable action: as local stakeholder alliances refine ideas and build enthusiasm in food culture, we support them in forming coalitions to develop and implement food culture strategies at scale.

Visit the Food Culture Alliance website for further information on our approach and work.  The Food Culture Alliance is a key component of the Consumer Demand Generation Programme.

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