Evidence and Action Towards Safe, Nutritious Food

Feed The Future's EatSafe: Evidence and Action Towards Safe, Nutritious Food is a USAID-funded, five-year programme aiming to enable lasting improvements in the safety of nutritious foods in traditional markets by focusing on behavior change.

EatSafe’s objectives


EatSafe’s formative research aimed to aggregate the existing evidence on the interplay between foodborne disease (FBD), traditional markets, and behavior change in LMICs.

EatSafe generated knowledge across topics including the relationship between food safety, nutrition, and health; consumers’ and vendors’ perspectives on food safety; and the importance of traditional markets to food security.


EatSafe developed localised, market-based interventions to improve knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAPs) related to food safety and the enabling environment in the countries where EatSafe operates.


Interventions are assessed to understand their impact on consumers' and vendors' knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAPs) related to food safety. They are also tested for effectiveness, feasibility, and sustainability in traditional market settings.

In-country implementation


EatSafe conducts rapid market assessments to understand consumer characteristics, vendor practices, gender dynamics, commodity supply, food safety risks, and the enabling environment.


Drawing from the market assessments, EatSafe co-designs interventions with key stakeholders. They are tested for effectiveness, feasibility, and sustainability, with a focus on behavior change among market actors.


EatSafe’s Resources

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Traditional markets provide access to highly nutritious but perishable foods. Foodborne illness can jeopardize it all.

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EatSafe Reports & Publications

EatSafe Reports & Publications

Dive deep into EatSafe's comprehensive collection of reports and insightful publications. Crafted by experts in nutrition, food safety, and public health, each document offers valuable insights into the core areas of the program. EatSafe's portfolio of work includes groundbreaking research, insightful analyses, and innovative interventions for food safety in traditional markets.

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EatSafe Blogs

EatSafe Blogs

Discover EatSafe's latest explore thought-provoking articles, stories, and reflections in EatSafe's blogs. Penned by EatSafe staff and guest contributors, these pieces provide a deeper dive into the nuances of the EatSafe program. It's more than just updates—it's a space for reflection, learning, and dialogue about the broader context in which our program operates.

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EatSafe News

EatSafe News

Stay updated with the latest developments and happenings around the EatSafe program. The news section offers a curated blend of announcements, features, and important updates—offering information on what's new and noteworthy.

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EatSafe on Agrilinks

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