Core Values

Our core values define what is important to us and guide the way we conduct business.

Our core values define what is important to us and guide the way we conduct business.

We are committed to promoting and maintaining best practices in our everyday operations and we expect the highest standards of conduct from all staff, whether based at the headquarters, in representative offices or in country offices.

We strive to uphold these values at all times.

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We are committed to achieving change for the most vulnerable

We have high expectations of ourselves. We hold ourselves and each other to account.

I work in the GAIN Mozambique office and for me, passion is the driving force behind my work. It drives me to work with enthusiasm and excel as a team player. It guarantees that I accomplish my goals and provides the vigour I need to thrive. Without it, achieving our goals would be impossible and thriving would be a mere dream.

Emelia Masinde, Head of Operations, Mozambique

Emelia Masinde



We embrace equity, diversity and inclusion

We listen to and learn from each other. We are respectful and appreciative. We have a climate of openness and trust.


Megan Cruickshank

I work in one of GAIN’s global offices, and for me, voice allows us to express our ideas, concerns, and perspectives with authenticity and without fear. We respect and value our differences, creating meaningful relationships across cultures and working together to achieve our collective goals. By cultivating an inclusive and open culture in which all voices are valued, we ensure that every individual feels a sense of belonging and is empowered to achieve their full potential.

Megan Cruickshank, Governance Assistant, London



We seek new solutions to problems

We embrace healthy risk-taking. We are willing to think and act "outside the box". We invest in learning. We are ambitious, open and curious.


I work in one of GAIN’s global offices supporting colleagues across the world to bring environmental sustainability into GAIN’s work. For me, innovation is key to delivering our mission. We can’t do this without thinking beyond status quo of our current food system to find new solutions which drive the transformation we need for both people and planet. Innovation is about our openness to welcome new ideas and ways of doing things across GAIN and our commitment to keep learning about what we can be doing better.

Jessica Colston, Environment Technical Lead, London

Jessica Colston headshot



We are honest and transparent

We deliver on our promises. We have consistently high standards of conduct. We aim to respect the environment and planetary boundaries.


Ayalew Tadele headshot

I work in GAIN Ethiopia Office and for me, integrity means standing up for what's right and sticking to my principles of honesty, fairness, and accountability even if no one will notice or there is no recognition to be received, regardless of the difficult circumstances. Integrity is the powerful glue that ties any team together, from the workplace to the home. I expect absolute integrity from myself and my co-workers.

Ayalew Tadele, Head of Operations, Ethiopia



We work together as ONE GAIN

We care about each other. We are good allies. We invest in relationships.


I work in the GAIN Kenya office, and for me, teamwork fosters a culture of collaboration and cooperation with diverse teams, where every member can thrive and contribute to the organizational goals. It also allows us to distribute workload and responsibilities leading to efficiency in task execution, a supportive and motivating work environment, and a fulfilling work-life balance.

Eunice Oluoch, Head of Operations, Kenya 

Eunice Euluoch headshot



We celebrate success but learn from our mistakes

We recognise our limitations as well as our strengths. We aim to listen to and serve our stakeholders.


David Atamewalen

I work in the GAIN Nigeria office, and for me, humility implies being aware of your own shortcomings, strengths, and limitations. It is also the ability to recognize and acknowledge the strengths of others and to be open to learning and adapting from your colleagues. Humility is the capacity to be a good listener and ensure others feel heard and understood around you. It is the ultimate conviction that we are all part of the solution.

David Atamewalen, Senior Project Manager, Nigeria

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