Report on Normative Guidelines for Governments to Promote Safer Traditional Markets

To determine what standards EatSafe should apply when reviewing traditional markets, EatSafe reviewed existing normative guidelines that could be used by governments and other enabling organizations to promote safer food in traditional markets. While Codex Alimentarius (Codex) does not have guidance specific to food safety in traditional markets, it has four regional guides to manage street-vended foods that contain several related guidance areas that overlap with traditional markets. Codex’s internationally recognized standards are designed to assist governments in adopting effective food safety systems, both to protect consumer health and to promote fair trade practices. The review identified five intervention categories (in bold) and ten key content areas (“key elements”) relevant to traditional food markets from the four Codex documents:

  1. Policy and Regulation: Roles of stakeholders and authorities; Regulations; and Registration of vendors
  2. Infrastructure: Design and infrastructure of markets; and Maintenance and sanitation in markets
  3. Food Handling: Food sourcing and handling at markets; Requirements for food preparation; and Protection and sale of ready-to-eat food
  4. Vendor Health and Hygiene: Personal health and hygiene of market participants
  5. Training and Education: Training and education.



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