Occurrence of Foodborne Hazards in Foods and Beverages Consumed in Nigeria - A Systematic Literature Review

This report includes the findings of two reviews: one focused on hazard occurrence in foods consumed in Nigeria, and the other on beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). A total of 30 food (spanning 2017 to 2020) and 81 beverage studies (spanning 2000 to 2020) were examined in detail. These studies were conducted in multiple Nigerian States including Ogun, Lagos, Nasarawa, Kaduna, and Oyo. Thirty-six separate food commodities were identified. The most frequently reported hazard was mycotoxins, which was reported across a variety of nuts, beans, cereals, and tubers. Several hazards were reported in animal source foods. Only three studies on hazards in fruits and vegetables were identified. Bacterial and chemical hazards were the most reported hazards in beverages (67% and 17% of records reporting detection, respectively). No study on viral pathogens was identified. These findings indicate that many foods and beverages consumed in Nigeria are associated with exposure of consumers to hazards of public health importance.