Nigeria policy, monitoring systems analysis and stakeholder mapping report

This report presents the summary of the findings of three sub-activities, comprising desk review of food safety policy documents, assessment of food safety legislation and efforts in Nigeria, and the food safety stakeholder mapping, undertaken as part of the Feed the Future EatSafe: Evidence and Action Towards Safe, Nutritious Food project implementation. The report is intended to inform and guide the EatSafe project in the design and implementation of appropriate intervention activities to enable lasting improvements in the safety of nutritious foods in informal markets in Nigeria. EatSafe also sees this report as a valuable resource for policy makers who can use the findings to determine the improvements required in the food safety system, and the importance of effective stakeholder engagement in project implementation, policy making and legislation.

This report consolidates three separate EatSafe reviews. The findings contained in any single review mentioned below are available upon request and are highly valuable for EatSafe as the project begins working in Nigeria:

  1. The review of existing food safety policy documents evaluated the content, scope, structure, and institutional landscape of existing food safety policies, identified gaps in the national food safety policy and its implementation strategy, and provided recommendations for strengthening the policy and its implementation strategy.
  2. The assessment of food safety legislation and efforts evaluated the formally adopted legislation and its implementation, together with an analysis of the extent they meet or fail to meet current needs, challenges and requirements for the production and sale of safe food in Nigeria. The assessment included recommendations to enable a more efficient food safety system in Nigeria that leads to improved public health and enhanced trade in food commodities.
  3. The food safety stakeholder mapping exercise identified and categorised stakeholders relevant to the Kebbi region into different groups and interests. A stakeholder list was generated that EatSafe will use to engage stakeholders throughout the project implementation. 



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