Food Safety Education, Training, and Technology Interventions in Africa and Asia: A Review

This review describes recent food safety interventions implemented in selected countries in Asia and Africa, with a focus on traditional market settings and consumers who buy food there. A total of 4,049 articles in Asian countries were screened, 50 selected for full review, and data extracted from 19. Findings from a previous systematic literature in Africa  (2000-2017) were complemented by a new review of papers published from 2017-2020, totaling 23 articles for data extraction. Results indicated that most studies identified general hygiene practices that are relevant to many food commodities. Many studies involved community members compared to food vendors. Interventions involving group trainings, using a variety of media, group interaction, and types of trainers, were most often reported across countries and audience categories.

This report has been adapted into a peer-review journal article.