Embodying the future: how to improve the nutrition status of adolescents?

This presentation was given by Lawrence Haddad, GAIN's Executive Director at the World Health Assembly 70 side event. It focused on the need for all stakeholders to make improving nutrition of adolescents a priority. 

Improving the nutrition status of adolescents is vital for future economic growth. Adolescents are our future human capital: they are future entrepreneurs, leaders, taste makers, change agents and trend setters. All these roles are negatively affected by poor nutrition. There are numerous programs targeted to adolescents, but none are designed by them or even for them. Moving forward, we need to work with adolescents to create demand-driven solutions.  

GAIN, the Government of the Netherlands and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Government of Bangladesh organised the official World Health Assembly 70 side event, “Embodying the future: How to improve the nutrition status of adolescents?” in Geneva in 2017. 



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