Step into the world of female workers in the tea and garment sector

Join Mala and Pinky on their journey towards improved, more nutritious diets for them and their families in this virtual reality film.

Mala works in the quality control department in a garment factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Pinky has worked in the tea estates of Assam, India, for over thirty years. What do these women have in common? Both participate in GAIN’s Workforce Nutrition programme. In a 360-degree film, Mala and Pinky share their perspective on how this programme has helped them, and how it can help businesses.

Watch the 360-degree films of Mala (garment sector in Bangladesh) and Pinky (tea sector in India).

Feeling inspired? Pinky and Mala share the secrets of their kitchen by offering you their best recipes. Want to try out Pinky’s ‘Paanch phoron tarkari’ or the favourite recipe of Mala’s husband?

GAIN’s Workforce Nutrition programme

The programme aims to improve the nutrition of workers in low and middle-income settings. Employers can play a fundamental role in their employees’ lives by contributing to the improvement of their diets. To date, GAIN’s programme has reached over 133,000 workers, smallholder farmers and their families. Current programmes aim to reach another 99,600 workers, smallholder farmers and their families by 2020.

“I used to always feel dizzy, I’d faint but did not really understand why. Now I respect my body more than ever, by giving it what it needs. My gift to my girls is that they have this nutrition knowledge at a young age, so that they won’t take their bodies for granted.” Pinky, tea estate worker in Assam, India.
“We now eat healthier in our factory than in the past. We include fortified rice in every dish now, and I take iron supplements as well. I want to be a better example for my daughter and I want to show her that eating well makes a big difference. I feel I have more energy these days. It helps us in our work and in our daily lives.” Mala, garment worker in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Five women farmers share how understanding nutrition improved their lives.

To find out more, watch our videos about the Workforce Nutrition programme in Assam and Tamil Nadu, India.

To get involved, please contact: Dr. Bärbel Weiligmann, GAIN’s Senior Advisor Workplace Nutrition: or Dr. Christina Nyhus Dhillon, GAIN’s Senior Technical Specialist, Knowledge Leadership: