The evidence for workforce nutrition programmes

Workforce nutrition programmes are a compelling part of the solution to malnutrition. Working together, the private and public sectors can improve the health of global workforces and significantly reduce the global burden of malnutrition in a wide variety of settings. Workplaces are unique settings for nutrition interventions: they provide repeated interaction with a captive audience, a contained environment that can be modified, and the potential for significant returns on investment, making workforce nutrition a potentially sustainable investment.

In this series, GAIN outlines the evidence for the four most common workforce nutrition interventions:

  1. healthy food at work,
  2. nutrition education,
  3. nutrition-focused health checks, and
  4. breastfeeding support.

Each evidence brief outlines the possible interventions, reviews the literature to date, suggests best practices, and showcases success stories from front-runner businesses in the specific intervention area.