#IWD2023 - Grace Thuo, Senior Communications Manager

To mark International Women's Day 2023, we have interviewed a few of our female staff members at GAIN. This interview aims to shine a spotlight on the invaluable contributions of women in the workplace and their significant impact on an organisation's success.

Join us as we delve into the experiences, challenges, and triumphs of our female colleagues, and gain insight into their journey towards achieving their goals.

This interview is a tribute to all women who have worked tirelessly to make their mark in their respective industries and inspire future generations of women to do the same.

One stereotype women in the workplace are tired of hearing.

*In shocked voice, sometimes veiled often not*
"Oh, it's a woman heading/ leading/ in charge of...? (Yes it is. And doing a really good job while at it.)

What inspires you to come to work every day?

The opportunity to bring my part of the pie that contributes to the larger whole. Ideating, building, implementing, tearing down, correcting course, starting again; the whole  nine yards. And I really like that GAIN gives you the space, resources and support to do this.

Grace smiling warmly to the camera while wearing a white shirt and necklace


One quality that every woman must admire about herself.

Self-worth. What you say to yourself, think about yourself, believe about yourself.

What does equity mean to you?

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to address the myriad of issues around us, it is tailor-making solutions that have at their core, the context and realities they seek to address.

Self-worth. What you say to yourself, think about yourself, believe about yourself.

Grace smiling and doing the embrace equity pose

What advice would you give to women starting out their career?

Career building is a marathon not a sprint and so don't despair if you don't figure it out from the onset. Never stop learning and be curious. Always be professional, never burn bridges and, because #life, fall forward.

Don't forget to open those doors to others as you progress in your career.


Women will achieve true equality when _______

Men become part of this conversation from the start point to the actioned end-point. 

What unique strengths do women bring to leadership roles, and how can organisations leverage these strengths to drive success?

Our soft skills are one of the key strengths we have. Funny this is often downplayed as a weakness but, when harnessed and embraced, these skills bring focus, collaboration, sobriety, high productivity and empathy to workplaces. A win-win I'd say.