We strive towards attracting, selecting and retaining highly qualified, skilled and committed professionals to the organization.

As we enter our second decade, it continually seeks to innovate in the field to solve one of the largest public health concerns facing the world today. We seek a range of experts across functions and levels including  support staff, project managers, technical experts, managers and leaders to help us continue to bring new ideas to the global health community, governments, civil society and the private sector. View and apply our open global and local vacancies here.

Watch  videos  of our staff talking about what it’s like to work at GAIN.

Our People

GAIN is made up of dynamic and dedicated professionals who share a vision of a world without malnutrition.

Our work in  more than  30 countries ensures that we are a diverse and multi-cultural family, working collaboratively to tackle the human suffering caused by malnutrition.

We are looking for passionate and talented people who are driven by a desire to end malnutrition in our lifetime.

Watch our videos for insights into what it’s like to work with us.

Working at GAIN

All GAIN employees receive a local contract which includes a job description and outlines specific terms and conditions of employment that are governed in part by the requirements of legislation in the country where they will be working. The Human Resource Policy Handbook sets out additional terms which apply to all GAIN staff, wherever they are located.

International staff receive additional benefits to compensate them for working away from home. All GAIN jobs fit within a global job classification scheme which applies to all GAIN staff. Similarly, a performance management process is carried out throughout the organization.



GAIN seeks to attract highly qualified staff through competitive salary and benefits packages and a framework of policies that create a positive and supportive work environment throughout its network of offices.

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