Verifying laboratory performance and quality control in the context of micronutrient testing of fortified food - A guidance document

This Guidance Document describes the various elements of quality management (QM) and quality control (QC) required in a laboratory setting.

Many qualitative elements are required to analyse the various chemical parameters in food samples, particularly for micronutrient testing and for testing food safety and food quality substances.

Based on these classified QM/QC elements, several benchmark standards are provided to authorities, NGOs, and other organisations to help them select reliable laboratories for micronutrient testing and verification of their results.
The main objectives of this Guidance Document are to provide guidelines on the:

  • selection of laboratories based on quantitative testing of micronutrients in fortified foods
  • verification of laboratory results for reliability

The guidance document includes the essential elements of laboratory QM/QC and the information should be laid in perspective for the above-defined objectives to be met.

Finally, general recommendations are given to stakeholders (such as laboratories, authorities, standard organisations, and NGOs) summarising the laboratory assessments conducted by experts in numerous African and Asian countries.