Supply Chain Analysis for Nutrition tool (SCAN)

Food supply chains are challenged to deliver affordable, safe and nutritious food. GAIN has developed a tool for analysing specific supply chains identify weaknesses or bottlenecks and suggesting potential interventions to improve nutrition along the supply chain, i.e. Supply Chain Analysis for Nutrition (SCAN). 

Supply chains structure how goods and services move from producers to consumers and are key components of the food system. 

This tool can help individuals and organisations working on supply chains for nutrition, providing best practices to ensure uniformity, consistency, and quality of the analysis. It aims to clarify key terminology and drive users to employ a common methodology when undertaking supply chain analyses for potential nutrition impact. 

This tool presents a general procedure for supply chain analysis - not an exact recipe. Depending on the context, the procedure presented here and some of the described tools may not be relevant. In some cases, it may be advisable to omit or add steps or perform additional analyses depending on your objectives.

The SCAN tool consists of a manual which provides step-by-step guidance and 12 sub- tools and templates supporting the overall analysis.