A review of business accountability mechanisms in nutrition

Business is both part of the problem and the solution to the current food systems challenges. It is critical that we all learn more about this dual impact and that we are able to track how it evolves. By increasing the effectiveness of tracking we will be better positioned to ask and assist businesses to be agents for positive change. To do that, we need to strike a balance: between overcomplication which deters clear reporting, and too loose, failing to responsibly reflect performance. GAIN wants to contribute to this objective.

In 2020 Japan will host the Global Nutrition Summit, and one of the key objectives is to secure significant measurable financial and policy commitments from governments, civil society, and business. This report sets out areas for work over the next eighteen months to make the measurement of business efforts more robust, simpler and a tool to accelerate progress to end malnutrition by 2030 in line with the Global Goals.