Rajasthan, a decentralised model for producing supplementary nutrition to a state

In support of the state government of Rajasthan and the Indian Integrated Child Development Services, the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) launched a project to pilot a production model for producing supplementary nutrition via self-help groups. 

This decentralised approach centred on developing small-scale production facilities capable of producing only one MT of fortified take-home rations per day. The key takeaways from the project are:

  • An SHG model has the potential to meet the supplemental nutrition demands of a state
  • However, the success of SHG-run production units requires significant time, assistance, and external resources
  • Given the challenges, an SHG production model needs a policy environment that is willing to create organisational structures to support and fund the model
  • By connecting with an existing distribution network, the project gained quick, easy access to its target consumer, but did not have the ability to influence actual consumption



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