Program performance and synthesis of monitoring information for food fortification, Chapter in Food Fortification in a Globalized World, 1st Edition

Chapter 28 in Food Fortification in a Globalized World, 1st Edition edited by M.G.Venkatesh Mannar and Richard Hurrell

This chapter provides an overview of monitoring and evaluation issues related to food fortification. It presents the foundational 2006 WHO monitoring and evaluation framework for food fortification and briefly describes regulatory and household individual monitoring and evaluation components. Furthermore, these components are integrated within a systematic 6 step framework for monitoring and evaluation of food fortification programs. Monitoring and evaluating food fortification program performance is critical for determining whether foods are being fortified according to country standards and what their dietary and nutritional impact may be. Ultimately, a strong fortification monitoring and evaluation system is one that systematically compiles, analyzes, synthesizes, reports and uses monitoring data to inform decision makers for them to review and make program adjustments to maintain and improve program effectiveness. 



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