Policy Options Toolkits

Policy Options Toolkits are a core output of GAIN’s policy and coordination efforts, under the Keeping Food Markets Working (KFMW) programme.

These toolkits were developed through a participatory co-design process with GAIN, conducted in Beira and Pemba (Mozambique), Machakos and Kiambu (Kenya) and Rawalpindi and Peshawar (Pakistan) - between September 2020 and September 2021. Participants comprised a variety of urban food systems stakeholders, linked to traditional urban food markets, including policymakers, vendors and market committees, women’s groups, and other small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

Evidence from the Rapid Needs Assessments as well as on-going insights and reflections provided by participants formed part of the co-design process. Participants further co-developed problem statements and the prioritisation thereof as well as critically considering root causes, effects, and policy options.

Four policy options themes emerged and informed the numerous co-designed policy options. These are:

  1. Good governance and urban food environments
  2. Knowing your city
  3. Mobilised, food proactive city
  4. Externally networked city  

Icons policy toolkits

"These endeavours aim to enhance good governance, urban food and nutrition security, and market resilience—with an emphasis on vulnerable urban communities, including those on low incomes, while applying a gender lens" (Policy Options Toolkits – © 2021).

The Policy Options Toolkits are available for download (English versions) below. Swahili (Kenya), Portuguese (Mozambique) and Urdu (Pakistan) translated versions can be requested from GAIN’s respective country offices.

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