Marketplace for nutritious foods program: a pilot case study evaluation of a nutritious food business in Kenya

Under GAIN’s Agriculture for Nutrition Global Program and with support from USAID, the Marketplace for Nutritious Foods (MNF) program was established to promote innovation and catalyse private sector engagement in producing and marketing more nutritious foods for lower income households in Sub- Saharan Africa. This is a case study assessment of Chicken Choice, a poultry production and retail business supported by MNF since 2013. Chicken Choise offers small chicken cuts at competitive price points with the aim of making chicken available to lower income groups.

The purpose of the assessment was to

  1. determine the impact of investments on the availability and affordability of chicken products,
  2. assess project reach, and
  3. assess the experiences of businesses in implementing technical support provided my MNF.

The case study included both a consumer-based survey and qualitative interviews of business and MNF staff.



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