Impact study of the project for fortification of cottonseed oil with vitamin A in the region of Koulikoro and in the district of Bamako

As part of a GAIN funded project on the fortification of cottonseed oil with vitamin A in Mali, a baseline study was conducted between February and March 2006 in the Koulikoro region (rural area) and in the district of Bamako (urban area) to determine the level of retinol serum in the target groups: children aged between 24-59 months and non-pregnant women but of reproductive age.

The evaluation of this baseline study was conducted concurrently with a project study on the infant survival rate in the Koulikoro region. As the oil fortification project has been implemented for more than 3 years now, it is appropriate to evaluate the biological impact of the project through an impact study.

The data obtained from the baseline study have since formed the basis for developing recommendations made to public nutrition partners in Mali to improve interventions against vitamin A deficiency, and these data continue to serve as basis in evaluating nutrition programs targeted at women and children in Mali.

Report available only in French. 



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