GAIN Briefing Paper Series 5 - Fortified Porridge in Mozambique

Malnutrition among infants and young children is widespread in Mozambique, with high rates of stunting among children under 5 years of age. Micronutrient-fortified porridge can help increase the nutrient content of diets and thus contribute to the fight against malnutrition. To support the strengthening of the sector in Mozambique, this briefing paper presents a supply chain analysis of fortified porridge in Mozambique, with a focus on the barriers to possible mechanisms for scaling.

Results show that at least 54% of the total population reports buying some form of fortified porridge. Despite limited disposable income, caregivers are buying fortified porridge for their children, even if it means providing a smaller portion daily to reduce the frequency of purchase. All fortified porridge products on the market are imported.

The fortified porridge supply chain is complex with distribution channels ranging from traditional to informal, sometimes including illegal trade channels. Developing a local product that would cater to the low-income consumer would require significant longer-term investment with a focus on demand creation and building a larger consumer base, as well as tackling several challenges across the supply chain. In the short term, expanding the volume of imported porridge may be the best solution.