The #FutureFortified Global Summit on food fortification

The Global Summit on Food Fortification was a three-day event hosted by the Tanzanian Government and GAIN in Arusha, Tanzania in September 2015. The Summit brought together parties interested in large-scale fortification: millers, the food industry, implementing agencies and governments and represented the culmination to date of extensive international efforts to encourage interest in scaling up existing food fortification programs, raising political awareness, and reviewing the evidence-base- all as a way of increasing both internal and external investment in food fortification. 

The resulting event proceedings and recommendations for food fortification lay out concrete actions countries can take to improve quality systems to ensure compliance to strengthen existing food fortification programs. It is anticipated that these proceedings will be used widely by nutrition program practitioners (e.g., implementing agencies, policy-maker, donors) to foster coherence and support collaboration and alignment in the nutrition and food sector to strengthen, scale up and ensure sustainability and optimal impact of national fortification programs.