Fortifying our future: a snapshot report on food fortification

This snapshot report sets the perspective on food fortification and highlights the work of partners to effectively employ food fortification as part of a new global food security system. This report sets out some of the successes and lessons from GAIN's work on food fortification, as well as the partners' successes, and aspirations for the sector. It aims to cement the case that food fortification is a vital part of the public health toolkit to achieving food and nutrition security. 

It explores lessons learned on how to build public private partnerships and the enabling environment improve monitoring and enforcement issues related to harmonising standards across borders and lay out issues which may influence fortification programs in the future. The leading global agencies and experts are working with national partners to map a future for the next generation of food fortification programs. This report is intended to contribute to that discussion, with the aim of elevating the role of fortification in food security and within the SDGs.