Focused ethnographic study–Gomoa East district, Ghana

This report presents the findings and discussion of a Focused Ethnographic Study (FES) in Gomoa East District, Central Region. Gomoa district is one of 17 administrative districts in the Central Region of Ghana.

The FES used research modules derived from a cultural-ecological framework to examine infant and young child feeding practices, behaviours and beliefs from a household perspective. The examination included exploration of the determinants of infant and young child nutrition (physical environment, social environment, social organization, technology and culture). The study was conducted in selected communities with sampling frames divided into sub-frames to correspond with the four age groups of interest: 6-8 months, 9-11 months, 12-23 months (breast fed), and 12-23 months not breast fed.

The study yielded important insights about current infant and young child feeding behaviours and practices and enabled the identification of appropriate interventions to address infant and young child diet inadequacies and malnutrition.