Evaluation of the Unilever Shakti+ sales model as a delivery platform for behaviour change to improve nutrition: Pilot programme in Nigeria

In Nigeria, Unilever is implementing a door-to-door sales model that employs local women, or ‘Shakti ladies’ to sell their products within their community. As part of their ‘Farm-Fortune-Fork’ social mission to improve nutrition, Unilever has also developed an enhanced model of Shakti, referred to as the ‘Shakti+’ model, to promote behaviours that could improve nutritional and health status of recipient families and, at the same time, increase sales of nutrition- and health-related Unilever products (e.g. iron-fortified bouillon cubes, soap and margarine). Key elements of this model include reaching consumers using mobile technology and through interpersonal contacts during home visits.

This report presents the results of an evaluation of the Shakti+ pilot. The main objective of the evaluation was to assess the likelihood that Shakti+ activities contributed to the two primary outcomes that the programme implementers aimed to achieve, specifically, the use of Knorr1 iron-fortified bouillon cubes in cooking and the addition of green leafy vegetables (GLV) to soups and stews.

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