Eggs - one of nature's most nutritious foods

Although eggs are highly nutritious, they remain scarce and relatively expensive in many low-income settings, including across many of the countries where GAIN operates. Moreover, they are only rarely consumed by children in many regions. Globally, the average egg supply is around 3.5 eggs per person per week. National variation is large though – in countries with GAIN offices, it ranges from a tenth of one egg per person per week in Ethiopia, to almost 6 eggs per person per week in the United States.

GAIN works on supply and demand, as well as encouraging the production and consumption of nutritious and safe foods by creating incentives, and helping nations establish rules and regulations. We seek to understand and tackle the barriers faced by small enterprises working to boost the availability, affordability, desirability, and the convenience of nutritious foods such as eggs – especially for low-income populations.

GAIN has over 15 years’ experience supporting small companies in Africa working in nutritious food supply chains, including those for eggs. Companies are identified through careful vetting, and receive support in business plan development, technical and, in some cases, financial assistance, as well as continued follow-up to ensure that plans are implemented.