Creating consumer demand and driving appropriate utilization of fortified foods, Chapter in Food Fortification in a Globalized World, 1st Edition

Chapter 10 in Food Fortification in a Globalized World, 1st Edition edited by M.G.Venkatesh Mannar and Richard Hurrellin

Creating consumer demand and effective consumption of fortified foods can of course only happen when there is sufficient supply. Some of these supply-side factors, such as affordability, product attributes, and perceived quality, are discussed in this chapter as they influence demand.

This chapter aims to capture lessons learned from both public and private sector experiences and will discuss key determinants of demand and consumption of fortified foods, illustrated with examples from the field and lessons learned on what worked and what has not worked. These determinants need to be taken into account, when developing a comprehensive, multichannel demand creation and Social and Behavior Change Communication strategy which aims not only to raise awareness but result in a nutrition impact of fortified foods.



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