Baseline assessment of capacity and skills for micronutrient, food quality and safety analysis including rapid assessment and validation of equipment, supplies and accessories requirement

Fortified food provides many of the vitamins and nutrients according to our bodies need. GAIN is implementing a project focusing on improvement and capacity building of regulatory monitoring for fortified foods in Afghanistan. This program aims to increase the availability and access to fortified wheat flour, fortified edible oil and iodised salt by strengthening the regulations and enforcement environment for fortified foods as well as to initiate monitoring of these products at the consumption level.

A laboratory assessment is essential to evaluate the capacity and capability of relevant food laboratories to analyse premixes and fortified food. Gaps are identified, and needs assessed regarding current laboratory capacity, personnel capability and professional expertise, analytical instrumentation, quality management and infrastructure. In this study, GAIN works to implement a capacity building program in Afghanistan to enable regulatory labs to perform their duties.



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