Assessment of presence of edible oil brands in Bangladesh and their vitamin A content

This report present findings from a cross-sectional market assessment conducted by GAIN with support from the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry in Bangladesh. 

The objectives were to:

  1. assess the presence of edible oil brands, including imported and locally produced brands and unbranded oils, in selected markets across the eight divisions of the country, and
  2. to compare the vitamin A content of the edible oil brands with the national edible oil fortification standards. A total of 553 retail outlets were visited in the eight divisions of Bangladesh to record the available oil brands. 

The results revealed that the main locally produced and imported packaged brands are fortified above the minimum of the fortification standard, but fortification of smaller locally produced as well as oil sold as bulk need to be improved. These finding can be used to inform programmatic decisions and support effective implementation of the edible oil food fortification programme in Bangladesh.