Analysis of economic losses due to iron and folic acid deficiencies in Pakistan

The National Nutrition Survey 2011 of Pakistan reveals stunting, wasting and micronutrient malnutrition are endemic in Pakistan. Micronutrient malnutrition erodes the foundation of economic growth - people’s strength and energy, creative and analytical capacity, initiative and entrepreneurial drive.

GAIN through its experts have performed an economic impact analysis of malnutrition in Pakistan. This analysis represents the potential economic impact of an intervention. For this purpose, "coefficients of loss," developed by international experts, evidence-based estimates of health risks and functional deficits associated with iron and folic acid deficiency have been used.

Applying this best evidence from the scientific and economic literature to national health, demographic, labour and economic environment enables us to project that if no intervention is initiated to tackle malnutrition in Pakistan, it will lead to accumulated economic loss equal to USD 12.251 billion over a 10-year period.



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