GAIN Nordic Alliance

Established in 2014, the GAIN Nordic Alliance is a multi-sector platform with the ambition to facilitate scalable and inclusive business models, which enhance the nutritional value of food in developing countries. The platform brings together companies, civil society, academia and the public sector to bridge knowledge and goals. The GAIN Nordic Alliance is a forum for collaboration, action and knowledge sharing. Partners join forces to ensure nutritious, safe, and affordable products to poor consumers and vulnerable groups.

The GAIN Nordic Partners have worked together to develop several concepts and projects including:

  • Ethiopia Business Development Project – market assessment supported by Danida Business Explorer (2014)
  • Impact Assessment and SDG impact tool – supported by Danida (2017)
  • GAIN Access to Better Dairy – supported by Danida Market Development Partnerships (2017 – 2020)
  • More Milk with DLF Seeds and Science in Ethiopia – market assessment supported by Danida Business Explorer (2017)
  • Healthy food for a healthy future in India – supported by BESTSELLER (2015 – 2018)
  • GAIN Nutrition 4 Zambia Project (2018-2019)

Karl Pedersen og Hustrus Industrifond has provided financial support to the GAIN Nordic secretariat for the facilitation of the partnership. Danida, the development cooperation organised under the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has supported the initial scoping of the programme in Ethiopia. Danida has selected the GAIN Nordic project "Ethiopian Dairy Market Development" for its new Danida Market Development Partnership (DMDP), as one of the five projects to be supported by this new pre-competitive business instrument.



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