Episode 01 : Are food systems healthy?

Over time, food systems have changed and adapted to attend the needs of an expanding population, mostly in urban contexts. There are increasing concerns about how the current food systems can sustain the human population in the future, specifically when one in two people do not have access to a healthy diet. So, to what extent do we have a healthy food system? 

In the first episode of this podcast series our guest, Steve Godfrey, Director of Policy and External Relations at GAIN, will share his thoughts on this topic, particularly in light of two big events in 2021: the UN Food Systems Summit (FSS) and the Japan Nutrition for Growth (N4G). This episode takes us through a conversation around the needs to make food systems more people- and sustainability-oriented. This is the promise of the UN Food Systems Summit next year: a “people’s summit”. 

Tune in to Episode 01 of Bite the Talk: “Do we have a healthy food system?” to discover all the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead to redirecting food systems into delivering healthier and more sustainable solutions.

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