GAIN celebrates innovative MRS award for our Global Diet Quality Project

5 December 2023 - 


GAIN is thrilled to announce that the Global Diet Quality Project (GDQP) has been honoured with the prestigious Best International Research Award 2023 and ‘Liz Nelson Award for Social Impact’ by the UK's Market Research Society.

The GDQP is a collaborative endeavour involving the Gallup Foundation, The Harvard Department of Global Health and Population, and GAIN - based on a simple 10-minute questionnaire that provides data-driven snapshots of dietary habits, highlighting what individuals are consuming and where nutrition is an issue. The project has successfully gathered diet quality information from over 40 countries in the first round, with plans for expanded coverage in subsequent rounds.

GAIN is particularly delighted as the competition to win this was quite stiff. We seize this opportunity to thank our esteemed competitors for the award, including AKAS, the BBC World Service, and Bloomberg Media & DVJ Insights. 

What's more, GAIN and our partners here have been also recognised by The Liz Nelson Award on the impact of research as a force for good. This GDQP was judged the best for social impact across the entire UK research industry in 2023.

Such accomplishment and award are a testament to GAIN's dedication to improving global nutrition through innovative research. The recognition from the Market Research Society fuels our ongoing commitment to creating healthier diets for all. 

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Celebration of the award