Rice Fortification – An Opportunity to Improve Nutrition in West Africa

This meeting will expand upon an analysis of the possibilities for rice fortification to improve nutrition in Africa. Rice is a staple food in 19 countries in Africa, but it is mostly milled in small, local operations where fortification is not feasible. Yet in 12 countries, fortification of imported rice and domestically milled milled rice has the potential to reach 146 million people. This meeting is intended to help partners develop a strategy for scaling up rice fortification.

The objectives are to:

  1. Share latest global evidence onthe impact of fortification on the nutritional status
  2. Share operational experience on rice fortification in West Africa and from other regions
  3. Ensure an understanding of current rice fortification technology and delivery models
  4. Discuss opportunities and challenges of rice fortification in West Africa
  5. Determine information needs to further rice fortification efforts in West Africa

Greg S. Garrett, GAIN’s Food Policy and Financing Director, will speak about the growing consumption of rice in West Africa.

Read more about the event here.


Greg S Garrett

Sirector, Food Policy & Financing, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN)