9th Annual Giving Women Conference: Women's fight for food rights

9th Annual Giving Women Conference: Women's fight for food rights

The Giving Women Annual Conference is a crucial platform for different actors including UN organisations, civil society, NGOs, business, academia, among others to inform, reflect, and act together to bring dignity and agency to women and girls worldwide. On the 28th of October, the Giving Women Annual Conference will be discussing the role of women as necessary leaders in improving our food systems. This online conference will invite different stakeholders and participants who are experts, thought leaders, civil society, and business actors to bring women at the centre of food system change. The different participants will share their insights on how to build collaborations and provide the tools needed to improve our fragile food systems with women as a necessary catalyst for change.

This conference will examine the different roles that women take in the society from being caregivers for different family members, farmers, mothers, and food providers. It will explore further why malnutrition is widely spread around the globe and it's direct negative consequences on communities. This conference aims to examine the key problems related to malnutrition and our fragile food system and involve the different stakeholders to share their vision on finding solutions by promoting the role of women to bring food rights for all.

The Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of addressing the issues related to food security. In fact, the protection measures adopted by governments across the globe, have uncovered the fragility of our food systems especially for the most vulnerable communities. 

For more information about the event and the speakers, please click here,  and for registration, please click here.



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