Felia Salim

Chair of the GAIN Board of Directors

Felia Salim is active in the finance, governance, and sustainability sectors. She currently sits on the board of directors of the Indonesian Eximbank.

With more than 30 years in the financial sector, from 2004-2015, Ms Salim served PT Bank Negara Indonesia, one of Indonesia’s largest state banks. As Vice President Director/Transformation Director, she was responsible for the comprehensive transformation of the bank. This meant having to align people, process, and technology resulting in a healthier bottom line based on segments which include the micro and SME. This endeavor covered Sustainability measures to be introduced into the enterprise-wide risk management framework.

She held two important positions: as the Deputy Chairperson of The Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency, right after serving as the Head of the Secretariat for the Financial Sector Policy Committee addressing problems of the Asian Crisis in late 1990.

She has also been instrumental in developing several key organizations focused on democracy, and good governance/anti-corruption, such as the Partnership for Governance Reform of Indonesia, The Transparency International Indonesia Chapter, and the Tifa Foundation.

Her philanthropy and commitment to sustainability-climate change work have earned her seats in both national and international Advisory and Governing Boards such as et al: the AndGreen Fund, a Dutch-based Blended/Climate finance to focus work in Indonesia, Liberia, and Brazil; US based Climate and Land Use Alliance (CLUA) doing work in Asia and Latin and Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP) covering South Africa, India, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Indonesia to catalyze and accelerate investments in green energy transitions and renewable energy solutions.