UN Food Systems Summit Action Track 1- Public Forum

UN Food Systems Summit Action Track 1- Public Forum

The ambition of the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit is to launch a collective journey of transforming our food systems to give us the best possible chance of delivering on 2030 agenda. Everyone has a role to play in this. Only by coming together and challenging one another we can spark new ideas and create meaningful impact. Action Track 1 (AT1) is concentrating on the goal of ensuring access to safe and nutritious food for all and plans to look at this through three lenses-hunger, healthy diets, and food safety. Over the past one-two months, we have begun to define the nature of the tasks that AT1 will take on and how it might go about doing that. To inform our next steps, we want to canvas ideas and create opportunities for you to participate, so we can listen to your ideas and input. In particular, we would like your reflections on the following three questions-introduced by members of the AT1 leadership team:

  • Do we have our topical focuses in AT1 right (zero hunger, access to nutritious foods, and food safety)? Introduction by Corinna Hawkes
  • What does success look like? Introduction by Jessica Fanzo
  • What is the best way of engaging with you as AT1 moves forward? Introduction by Maureen Muketha

Each of the topics will be introduced by members of the AT1 leadership team, after which there will be time for questions and discussion. Lawrence Haddad (Chair AT1), Godfrey Bahiigwa(Vice-Chair AT1), Jamie Morrison (UN Anchor AT1), and Sheryl Hendriks (Link to Scientific Group for AT1) will provide reflections on the Food Systems Summit, AT1 and the discussions during this meeting. The event is moderated by Tom Arnold, UN Food Systems Summit Champion, and former SUN coordinator.

In addition to this event, we welcome you to share with us ideas for game-changing and systemic solutions to achieve the AT1 goals (reduce hunger, increase access to nutritious foods, and improve food safety) via this online form.

Update – 13 November 2020. Lawrence Haddad, the chair of Action Track 1, has composed the Leadership Team of the Action Track. The team exists of a diverse group of experts, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and a wide variety of backgrounds in terms of affiliations and geography. The full list of the leadership team is attached below.