Sustainable Retail Summit

Sustainable Retail Summit

Our industry is facing a clear call to action. People are demanding sustainable products and want to live healthier lives, and they expect our industry to deliver. At the same time, the UN Sustainable Development Goals demand co-ordinated industry action. With 24-hour news, social media and the prevalence of misinformation, it’s easy to get lost in the minefield of what’s right and what’s wrong.

This year’s SRS cuts through the noise and showcases real-life, tangible examples that help paint an accurate picture of today’s leading industry challenges and how to overcome them. SRS covers the entire sustainability eco-system. While topics like plastic and food waste are essential areas for action, so too are those related to people and our work to inspire healthier communities and eradicate forced labour.

Tailored for retailers, manufacturers and service providers, this event targets high-level representatives, including CEOs and senior executives. Attendees will include senior executives for whom sustainability and health & wellness are key issues. It will also provide an outreach opportunity to external stakeholders, including governments and NGOs, thus strengthening the industry’s positioning as a leader in responding to global challenges.

Smaller regional players will have the opportunity to learn from larger global players so that all can benefit from knowledge and best practice sharing on sustainability and on the implementation of pillar resolutions.



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