Sustainable food systems conference

Sustainable food systems conference

This conference aims to make a substantial contribution to the UN Food Systems Summit’s follow-up process, in view of the first Stock-Taking Moment that is tentatively scheduled for June/July 2023 (TBC). It will build on the past fruitful collaborations of the SFS Programme with the UN FSS Secretariat and the current Coordination Hub, as well as the expertise and tools of the SFS Programme and the outcomes of the Programme’s previous three global conferences.

Following the recommendations of the SFS Programme’s 3rd conference and building on the momentum and the findings of the UNFSS, the objectives of the 4th global conference are:

  • To present transformational actions, tools and initiatives that have emerged since the UNFSS with a view to promote their uptake and upscaling in national and local policy-making processes.
  • To further promote the food systems approach and inclusive governance and collaboration at all levels – including multilateral and particularly Rio Conventions - with a view to foster their uptake for the development of multi-sectoral action plans towards sustainable consumption and production in food systems; and
  • To provide a space for National Convenors, UNFSS coalitions and other relevant multi-actor initiatives as well as other food systems actors, to build capacities and deepen their collective efforts towards sustainable food systems pathways, in view of the UNFSS 2023 Stock-Taking Moment.

The expected outcomes of the conference are:

  • Evidence-based recommendations on a range of transformational actions to refine, and achieve integration across National Pathways, climate NDCs, CBD targets and the broader SDGs, and increase implementation with a focus on inclusive governance and collaboration, integrated policies and means of implementation; and
  • Update of progress/commitments/new processes by countries and other stakeholders on National Pathways and other food systems transformation actions.
  • Strengthen the UNFSS 'Ecosystem of Support' and its linkages to the SFS Programme

The conference will enable diverse stakeholders to showcase early signs of success in implementing UN FSS results, including by presenting tools and techniques that deal with interdependencies and trade-offs of the food systems challenges, allowing the sharing of lessons and experiences, with the goal of strengthening alliances and impactful initiatives that can deliver concrete actions in support of National Pathways.

The conference will also discuss food system challenges and peer-to-peer learning and sharing of experiences from across the globe, emphasizing Asian region country participation.