Kenya Food Fortification Summit

Kenya Food Fortification Summit

The nutrition status in Kenya has significantly improved over the last five years due to efforts made by the different stakeholders collectively. According to the latest KDHS study, there has been several achievements made with regards to nutrition stunting and wasting: the stunting rates has significantly reduced from 35% to 26%, further wasting has reduced from 16% to 11%. Additionally, the results for the KNMS indicate an improved micronutrient situation. Iron deficiency anaemia is 13.7% in children and 27.1% in the pregnant women while folate deficiency is 25.3% in pregnant women.

Despite the achievements, there are still problems for wasting and stunting in some parts of the country – majorly the northern areas.

The workshop will present a platform where the delegates will reflect on the progress made, interrogate the strategies and the arrangements for fortification in place and discuss the way forward to promote the full implementation and sustenance of the Food Fortification programme.

The proposed 2018 Fortification summit- Kenya is a follow-up event of the first National Fortification Conference 18-19 August 2015. Over 180 participants attended the conference representing a wider diversity of stakeholders including policy makers, nutrition specialists, private sector, development partners, UN agencies, regional representative’s researchers, civil society, representatives from the county and the media



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