Healthier diets for all - leaving no one behind

Healthier diets for all - leaving no one behind

The world has gone through significant events and changes since GAIN's previous 2018-2022 strategy; with COVID-19, conflicts and natural disasters arising from climate change, deepening food and nutrition insecurity in countries that were already under intense strain. Malnutrition and hunger have worsened in many parts and billions around the world, especially the most vulnerable, are finding it increasingly difficult to afford and access healthier diets. 

GAIN's revised five-year strategy spanning from 2023 to 2027, has a stronger focus on improving access to healthier diets stemming from sustainable food systems. By 2027, GAIN aims to improve access of 1.5 billion people to nutritionally-enhanced staple foods and improve the access of 25 million people to healthier diets. As an expression of our commitment to this vision, GAIN is launching the strategy in the presence of our key stakeholders and partners. We believe, launching the strategy of GAIN in the presence of key partners, donors and other stakeholders is a critical piece in understanding and imbibing the strategy that is set to chart our path for food systems transformation in the region and globally.

The "Healthier diets for all, leaving no one behind – An open discussion on GAIN’s strategy" event in New Delhi, India speaks to GAIN's strategy moving forward, by way of its programmes across Asia. This will be pivotal for the planning, development and execution of technical programs, partnerships and impact created by GAIN with its partners, in the next five years in Asia.