GAIN-IPAN Certification Course in Laboratory Analysis of Food Micronutrients (LAoFM)

GAIN-IPAN Certification Course in Laboratory Analysis of Food Micronutrients (LAoFM)

The GAIN-IPAN LAoFM certification training course is structured into three (3) progressive competency levels (Foundational, Intermediate, and Advanced). This Course is tailored made for industry professionals, private candidates, and technical staff of corporate organizations. Candidates will be enrolled/registered on the appropriate level based on their scores in the pre-assessment test, immediately after applying for the course.
For the first two levels, candidates will complete the e-learning modules, take, and pass the end-of-level assessments, and earn a Certificate of Participation before advancing to the final level. 

Upon completion of the final level of training, candidates will take an internationally accredited   certification examination according to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17024: 2012 (Conformity assessment – general requirements for bodies operating certification of persons) to be administered by IPAN-SoTLAN Conformance Systems Ltd. (IPAN-SoTLAN PCB). This examination would earn candidates the Certification (Certificate of Completion) as Certified Professionals in food micronutrient analysis.


  1. Laboratory Quality Management Systems.
  2. Choosing Appropriate Analytical Methods.
  3. Laboratory Equipment for Micronutrient Testing.
  4. Methods of Analysis of Food Micronutrients and Fortifiers.
  5. National Standards on Micronutrients and Fortifiers.
  6. Samples, Sampling, and Sample Preparation.



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