GAIN Interview Cruncher: Women entrepreneurs in food systems

GAIN Interview Cruncher: Women entrepreneurs in food systems

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted food systems around the world and driven millions into deepening poverty. Despite this, few know about the hidden pandemic of hunger among the world’s women and girls that existed long before any of us even heard of the coronavirus.

With food systems being disrupted, economies collapsing and work, particularly that in the informal sector, disappearing what role can women leaders play in this field?

In this session, viewers will meet some women, movers and shakers in the field of malnutrition and food systems. Namely as active contributors to SMEs.

The event will be moderated by Lana Weidgenant, Youth Leader #Act4Food #Act4Change and Vice Chair of the UN Food Systems Summit 2021. Invited speakers include:

  • Zerene Haddad, Social Impact and Donor Liaison, Chicoa Fish Farmers
  • Uduak Igbek, Africa Manager, SUN Business Network, Nigeria
  • Farrah Faz, GAIN Country Director, Pakistan 



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