GAIN Interview Cruncher: Building our markets forward better

GAIN Interview Cruncher: Building our markets forward better

Keeping the food systems working during the pandemic is essential through our support to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that produce, transport, process, and market most food for low-income consumers globally. The more so as people increasingly rely on traditional forms of retail. In fact over 90% of fruit and vegetable produced in low-income countries are sold by traditional small retailers. COVID-19 is not only a health crisis, but also an economic one. The time to mobilise and limit the looming impact of the pandemic is now. 
On Wednesday 24 February, 14.00 CET don't miss the "GAIN Interview Cruncher- Building our markets forward better", the conversation will welcome the experts in this field to discuss the crucial role of markets, in building our food systems forward better. 

The conversation will be moderated by Shiulie Gosh former BBC, and now TRT. Invited speakers will include: 

  • Betty Kibaara, Director, The Rockefeller Foundation, Africa Region Office
  • Syed Muntasir Ridwan, National Coordinator, SUN Business Network (SBN), Bangladesh
  • Francisco Paporo Muchadenhe, Consultant – WASH & Markets Rehabilitation Workstream (RFS), GAIN Mozambique

 Join us and if you have questions for our panellists, share them here.