Food is the Future

Food is the Future

Press briefing (For Media Only)

Please note, on the same day of the event, Wednesday 22 September, we will hold a press briefing with the Action Track Chairs and Youth Leaders at 13:00 CET, to sign up for it please fill in the form

Please find below the link to join the session: 

Available in 6 UN languages on the event.

Food systems transformation has the potential to address many issues – from hunger to obesity, biodiversity and climate change and from healthy diets to descent jobs. It is a huge accelerator to achieving the SDG agenda by 2030. 

Youth are most affected by today’s choices and yet they have the least to say in those choices. That must change. Youth must have a leading role in shaping fair, sustainable, resilient and equitable food systems, owing to their future and influence. The future is youth, and food is the future. 

The Food is the Future event is convened by youth representatives interested and working in food systems, namely the Act4Food Act4Change among other youth organisations, in collaboration with the 6 Action Track Chairs and their respective organisations. 

Invited speakers include many youth representatives from different stakeholder groups, the Action Track Chairs and those connecting food systems to other global debates such as climate change.   
The Food is the Future event will have two shows: 

  • 9.00-12.00 CET
  • 16.00-19.00 CET