Executive Course – Together for nutrition

Executive Course – Together for nutrition

The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) is pleased to be able to offer a new, first-of-its-kind executive short course, "Together for nutrition", which focuses on public-private engagement to improve the consumption of nutritious food. The course will bring together 30 participants with an equal number coming from the public and private sectors. Participants will be in sufficiently senior leadership positions to make or influence decisions in their own context that will lead to a greater number of more effective public-private engagements to advance nutrition. This course will provide access to how this goal fits into the political economy of food in the 21st century, and the wide-ranging challenges of sustainability and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.



The course leaders – Lawrence Haddad and Myriam Sidibe – bring leadership from the public and private sectors.

Dr Lawrence Haddad, an economist, is the Executive Director of GAIN and the 2018 World Food Prize Laureate. 

Dr Myriam Sidibe is a world expert on commercial brands that drive public health impact backed by 15 years of hands on experience in Unilever as their Social Mission Director for their Hygiene and Nutrition brands. Dr Sidibe is on sabbatical at the Harvard Kennedy School as a resident senior fellow at the Mossavar Rahmani Centre for Business and Government. Course facilitation will draw on a wide range of senior leaders from the public and private sectors.